How we use the information you give us

Your privacy is important to us, and we won't share it with others, except where this is necessary to run events for which you have registered.
The only people authorised to access our database are the Director and Administrator of OCSG and our IT service (website and database) providers, maintainers and trainers.

Emails and letters or phone calls from us to you

We will only send you emails or letters when we, or others, have forthcoming events or themes that you've expressed an interest in, or where we have important news to share about OCSG, or to progresss your registration for an event. If we do not have an email address for you, we will attempt to use one of the other forms of contact (letter or phone) if you have provided them.  We review the data we hold periodically, and if we loose contact with you, your record will be deleted during one of these 'data cleaning' sessions.

If at any point you'd like to be removed from our mailing list and have your data deleted, please contact us, remembering to include your name and contact address.

Responding to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Our responsibilities include ensuring that we have your consent to the use the data you have given us.  The Information Commissioner's Office states that there is no time limit to such consent, but we will delete your data if you ask us (see above) or if we loose contact with you.
We have amended some of our forms (both  paper and web based) to ensure this is clear to you.
When subscribing to our mailing list or registering for an event, and giving us your contact details you will be giving this consent and we will confirm the data we hold for you.
The only other data we will hold for you is related to the progress of your attendance at one of our events. This is more of a contractual nature, ensuring we record your application and attendance and keep track of any payment (where relevant).  We occasionally record semi-sensitive information relating to attendance at an event.  An example of this might be if wheelchair access is required.  This is essential for your health and safety and for the proper management of such events.

Cookies used on this site

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Thanks for reading this!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  We hope you find it reassuring.  If you have any concerns, please let us know: [ contact us ]