Spiritual Direction

We offer one-to-one Spiritual Direction.

Please contact Georgie Simpson if you are interested

What is it?

Spiritual direction is the ancient and well-tested practice of being alongside another person in their deepening relationship with God. God seeks each of us where we are and spiritual direction is an invitation to develop this relationship whether we attend a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or none of these. Crucially, it is about deepening the spiritual aspect of being human and is neither counselling nor psychotherapy. The ministry can be given by an ordained or lay person, male or female, and by people from a wide range of traditions.

Spiritual direction is sometimes called prayer accompaniment or guidance. The Celts used the name anam cara or soul friend. ‘Direction’ takes place in the context of a confidential, one-to-one session, usually every four to six weeks.  The real spiritual director is God and the role of the human ‘director’ is not to tell others how to pray or what to do, but to listen attentively and encourage others to draw closer to God. The ministry of walking with another in their spiritual journey and their life of prayer is both a privilege and a responsibility and is given after extensive training and with on-going supervision.

Spiritual direction presumes that God is encountered in daily life. What the ‘directee’ brings to each session is entirely their choice and can be anything that affects their relationship with God. By reflecting deeply on our everyday experiences and sharing with God our joys and our sorrows, our hopes and our fears, we learn to recognize God’s gracious presence with us in our lives. This increasing awareness and discernment of God being with us at all times and in all places leads to spiritual growth.