Recorded Events

Over the last few years, OCSG has organised over 70 talks by influential speakers in a series of Thursday Lunchtime Talks at St Giles.
Many of these have been recorded and posted on Youtube -
To see recordings of past Lunchtime Talks: [ Please CLICK HERE ]

To see recordings of past Reflective Study Days and other events: Please click on the links below

25/10/2018  'An Evening with Laurence Freeman OSB: Christian Meditation in a Secular Age - Rediscovering faith and belief'
                    The Talk and short meditation

20/10/2018  'The Song of Songs, through Word, Music & Silence' - led by Revd Graeme Watson
                     Theme 1 - Longing for Love
                     Theme 2 - The Elusive Lover
                     'Just' by David Lang [link to Youtube MP3 (opens with advert)]
                     Chagall's 'Song of Songs' Images [Link to Youtube video]
                     Theme 3 - The Heart Awake
                     Musical Interlude
                     Theme 4 - Love is Strong as Death

24/03/2018  'Christ in the Wilderness' - reflections on the work of Stanley Spencer led by Bishop Stephen Cotterell
                      Talk 1 [1:00 hr]
                      Talk 2 [31 min]
                      Talk 3 [54 min]
                 The fourth session was not recorded

25/02/2017    Caravaggio: genius & rebel:  We regret it was not possible to record
                       the session given by Fr Geoff Wheaton SJ due to copyright issues. 
                       However we were able to record the
                         Musical Interlude given by Matthew Faulk on the Theorbo, accompanied by Andrew Grant.

12/11/2016    The Golden Age of 18th Century Hymn Writers, led by Professsor Valentine Cunningham.
                         Session 1  Valentine Cunningham  [1hr 11mins]
                         Session 2  Georgie Simpson - reflections  [15mins]
                         Session 3  Valentine Cunningham  [1hr 7mins]
                         Session 4  Georgie Simpson - reflections  [14mins] 

14/04/2016    Bandits & Camel Drivers: the Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers,
                        led by Fr Brendan Thomas, of Belmont Abbey, Hereford.
                        Session 1  [42mins]   
                        Session 2  [44mins]
                        Session 3  [46mins]    
                        Session 4 (Reflections)  [45mins]

31/10/2015    Mysticism & Poetry in the 17th Century, led by Dr Carl Schmidt
                        Session 1 (Carl Schmidt)     [1hr 18mins]
                        Session 2 (Matthew Faulk instruments
                                         & Betty Mahkeninski Soprano) [17mins]
                        Session 3 (Reflections led by Revd Georgie Simpson)    [23min]
                        Session 4 (Carl Schmidt)  [58mins]

30/09/2015    Teresa of Avila, led by Dr Peter Tyler and Julienne McLean
                         Session 1 (Peter Tyler) [1hr]   
                         Session 2 (Peter Tyler)   [45mins]
                         Session 3 (Matthew Faulk - Lute)  [18mins]
                         Session 4 (Julienne McLean)  [45mins]  
                         Session 5 (Julienne McLean)  [56mins]

29/11/2014     Service of Blessing with Sermon by Rt Revd Rowan Williams  [55mins]