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The Oxford Centre for Spiritual Growth (OCSG) offers a variety of approaches and events that will appeal to a wide range of people, encouraging growth in reflective practice and heightened awareness of God, others and themselves.

Our iconic image shows Christ (on the right) with a friendly hand on the shoulder of Abbot Mena.  It comes from an 8th Century painting on wood, found at the remains of the Monastery of Bawit in Middle Egypt.  It is held at the Louvre, in the Dept of Egyptian Antiquities.

OCSG is based in the Tower Room in The Church of St Michael at the North Gate, a room at the base of the Tower, which is reputed to be the oldest building in Oxford.  It was from St Michael's tower that in 1555, Archbishop Cranmer, who was later to receive the same treatment, watched Bishops Ridley and Latimer burn to death. Their execution took place outside the medieval city walls in what is now Broad Street.

But now, the Tower Room is a peaceful, prayerful place in the heart of the city.  Read more about us »

A summary of our forthcoming events is given below, together with a record of past events we have held. For more information (such as event times etc), and to register your interest, or to download a booking form, please click the event name.

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Previous events

Venue: St Michael at the North Gate
Date(s): 18 May 2019
Venue: Oxford Quakers Meeting House
Date(s): 04 May 2019
Venue: Oxford Quakers Meeting House
Date(s): 03 May 2019
Venue: St Michael at the North Gate
Date(s): 23 Feb 2019
Venue: Wolfson College, Leonard Wolfson Auditorium
Date(s): 14 Feb 2019

Earlier events can be found on our Events Page